Why throwing sh!t at the wall is a short term strategy.

To date we’ve supported over 30 scale-ups with a variety of branding outputs, from strategy to campaign work.

And we’ve learned a ton through each relationship.

A big one is: don’t impose brand too early… when it’s not required.

Early doors you need to be out there, in every room, throwing what you can at most walls and seeing what sticks – you’re finding your feet, and seeking traction.

We get it, we’ve done the same and you don’t need a brand to do it.

But once you move through that stage and into the scale-up phase, you need to become more refined.

Going from a schizophrenic approach of chasing bottom lines and traffic, to building a brand informed by what stuck to those walls ☝️

Tapping into what’s working, then folding in brand values to draw in ideal customers, rather than pushing yourself on them.

Brand building essentially becomes lead gen for the long-term.

Allied to your sales insights to accelerate growth.

It’s why we partner with sales experts Ben Bennett and Sara Osterholzer at Second Voice Pro, to offer scale-ups commercial branding tools, that serve their short term needs while building a purposeful brand for the long haul.

Brand and business strategy aligned. And fit-for-purpose deliverables so you can activate immediately.

The power of brand is more than words on a wall, and it’s also how your scale-up successfully moves on from throwing sh!t at one.

If you’ve got some traction but are experiencing churn or becoming known for nothing because you say yes to everything, it’s time to transition to longer-term thinking.

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