Why success requires a single vision.

Success requires a single vision.

I learned that from Seinfeld.

Specifically, the writers Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

When debating what the show was to be about, Larry pitched the idea to Jerry to make a show “About nothing”.

That was their single vision. From it flowed the execution.

Showing the day to day of life.

Of people hanging out.

Just chatting and observing.

It broke convention and protocol.

And became the highest grossing show at the time.

Because when you differentiate and align through a single vision, success comes sooner.

Everything you do and everyone you are is focused.

Your direction is clear.

Your destination is clear.

Your journey is still tough.

But you’re not distracted or diminished by challenges.

You remain on-track.

And crucially, you bring influential people along for the ride.

Employees. Investors. Customers.

Your single vision creates a shared vision.

A tribe.

And that’s where the magic is.

Because now you’re a movement.

People feel ownership.

Aligned and empowered to be themselves and act true to their values through your products and services.

For a business, this is the holy grail.

If you’re a startup founder or team leader, write down your single vision.

Tweak it, edit it and reduce it until it feels tight and right.

It was a massive moment for me, and I know it will be for you, too.


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