We talk the talk. But do we walk the walk?

Claiming what your brand represents is one thing.

How it executes on that is quite another.

That comes down to accountability.

And it’s no different for us.

While we speak a ton on the best approach to brand building, do we practice what we preach?

So, we looked at what we do behind the scenes and captured what keeps us on track.

And in order to stay “accountable”, we decided to share our findings. 👇

By Dan Cushing

We put it to the test.

• We looked at what we do regularly when building out our brand.

• When no-ones looking – when it matters!

• It came down to 5 key things.

• So we’d thought we’d share them.

1. We step back.

We step back and sense check to make sure we deliver what our customers need – and adapt accordingly.It’s easy to forge ahead early when something is working – but understanding why it works arms us with the knowledge to adapt to changing landscapes.

2. We’re inquisitive.

There are a ton of great people doing great things out there and we want to know about it.

The scale-up eco-system is so fluid and ever changing that we need to make sure we are listening and learning all the time.

3. We seek feedback.

We continually get to know the people we deal with. Those we support, and those that chose other routes.

We don’t shy away from feedback – where we came up short often tells us more than where we won.

4. We think ahead.

This comes as no surprise, especially for Founders – but being reactive leads to fatigue and usually results in missed opportunities.

We constantly ask ourselves how the industry is evolving and where we can add the most amount of value.

5. We build advocates.

Brand building is an inside out job.

Everyone at ParaStudio helps shape the business – the team is the brand and our joint decisions drive us forward.

Without them, it’s just some bloke making a lot of noise.

To recap:

1. We step back     

2. We’re inquisitive   

3. We seek feedback.   

4. We think ahead.   

5. We build advocates

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