We struggled to find charities to support when we first launched.

It wasn’t a problem I had anticipated.

Much like most startups, time and money are scarce at the outset, but we wanted to ensure that we always put some aside for charity work.

The big thing for us was utilising what skillsets we do have, in the timeframe we could offer, to ensure they got the best bang for buck.

It left me puzzled.

Then I met Toni Finnimore and quite literally my problem was solved.

Toni had recognised this precise issue – and as an “extra project” decided to do something about it.

She found time, energy and no short supply of incredible hard work, to launch The Social Society .

They partner businesses with charities who are looking for their bespoke services.


And she does it well.

We joined, discussed the types of charities that may appeal, and we got partnered.

Our first outing was with Sussex Pathways – a criminal justice charity based locally to us in Lewes.

Their mission is to help empower, enable and integrate offenders back into mainstream society.

It resonated with us and we supported them by delivering a new Visual Identity mini-kit.

Keeping it simple, and within timelines, it had to be easily picked up by their many volunteers, team members and other generous businesses supporting them moving forward.

A snapshot is below.

We have loved supporting them, and thank you Toni Finnimore – we can’t wait for our next outing……looking forward to it Clare Kennedy Founder and CEO of Kennedy Street Recovery….




By Dan Cushing

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