Spot the ducking difference.

What’s the ducking difference between Brand and Branding?

If it looks like a duck but swims like a dog, maybe your brand and branding need to align.

Sound confusing? Hopefully this breakdown helps:

💡Brand – not strictly a thing, but a feeling.

And, to make it seem even more abstract, it’s not yours to define. 

That defining feeling belongs to the public.

They interact with it, so how they feel about your brand is where the buck stops.

What we can do is help shape what we would like this feeling to be.

It’s from this emotional response that brands can begin to grow.

💡Branding – how you keep your brand on track  

Think of your branding as a collection of tools in a toolkit.

These tools help shape how your brand’s defined.

Their role is to communicate and manage your brand out in the wild.

There will be tools that shape how you look, how you sound, how you come across.

They ensure that when you turn up for your brand you do so with consistency and clarity.

The trick is to keep them working together, in harmony, and aligned to your brand.

Otherwise, there is every chance your brand will look like a duck but swim like a dog.

By Dan Cushing

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