Shiny new things.

They have a habit of distracting ones attention.

Least they do mine.

As hard as I try I just can’t stop myself 😩 and I can end up never quite getting the most out of them.

So it got me thinking, where else may this problem be found… 👇

By Dan Cushing

Don’t be like me.

For years I’ve been repeating the same behaviour. And it seems I’ll never learn.

Whenever I buy a new piece of tech I get over excited. Itching to get going, I tear it open.

My eyes light up seeing my shiny new toy. Onto charge, I open the manual.

But then…
…my attention wanes.

My new toy is winking at me. It’s ready. And so the manual goes swiftly in the drawer. Power on…I’m into the wild. But soon, the inevitable happens…

It DOESN’T sync right. It DOESN’T play properly. It DOESN’T seem happy.

Meanwhile, others wax lyrical: “Oh isn’t it fab” “It’s made my life so much easier” 

Then it dawns on me. They truly “own” their tech. They’re in tune with it.

Begrudgingly I retrieve the manual… …but my buzz has died, so I seek another shiny new toy…

And the cycle starts again.

Don’t be like me. Your brand is much more than a shiny logo or website. It’s got depth, its got power.

Get to know it inside and out.

Don’t neglect your brand the same way I do new tech!

Read the f-ing manual.

Starting a new project?