Building a brand is an inside out job.

For all you early-stage businesses out there, empowering your people to shape your brand will set you up for long-term success.

Whether you do it yourself or with a branding agency, here’s what we suggest you do:

1. Put your people at the centre of the process. Get as many of them as possible involved in the workshops, sessions and brain dumps.

2. Ask the team: Who are we? What do we do? Why does it matter? Where should we be in 5 years? What’s our personality?

3. Capture everyone’s thoughts and knowledge on the business – its customers, competitors and the market, as well as their ambitions for its future.

4. As a founder, be completely open to all of the insight – many of your team will know your business, its customers and market better than you do.

5. Identify the commonalities and alignment across your team and business goals –  from that unified, truthful and powerful material begin to craft your Purpose and subsequent brand definitions – what we refer to as your Brand Blueprint.

Empowering your people and enabling them to shape the brand is what unleashes the full potential of a team of a business.

As a founder your already tight-knit team will feel a responsibility to help what they believe in succeed.

They’ll shoulder the load and bring a broadened depth of thought that multiplies what’s possible.

Your most powerful brand exists within your people.

Your job is to give them the opportunity to help build it.

By Dan Cushing

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