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The ParaStudio team has been crafted, not recruited, hand-picked to bring both client and agency side experience to our service lines. Ensuring we had this 360 degree understanding was massively important in order to be able to do our best work, and deliver powerful brands that were truly fit for purpose. We’re hungry, too. All at a stage in our careers where we want to make a mark, put people first, and do justice to our principles. This ambition has challenged us internally and taken us out of our comfort zones, but that’s exactly where great brands are born.

Dan Cushing Headshot

Dan Cushing MD & Founder

Dan’s worked both sides of the fence – big creative agency side to small client side. And while the environments, projects and budgets differed, one thing consistently lit him up throughout: talented people.

As Founder of ParaStudio, he’s brought us all together with the same vision and in his role he brings both the structure and freedom that enables us all to do what we love to the best of our ability.

“I love working with talented people, and that’s what I promised myself I would do with ParaStudio, surround myself with them, different skillsets all working closely together. And that’s what I’ve done. It’s a simple principle really: give talent a platform to do it’s best, so we can bring out the best brands in our clients.”
Mick Tierney Headshot

Mick Tierney Head of Brand Strategy

Mick knows a lot about the challenges our clients face, and his ability to challenge our thinking as the voice of the customer is simply invaluable. As well as bringing his skillset to the table on client work, Mick has also shaped and defined how ParaStudio works, ensuring our services meet real needs.

Head of Brand Strategy, Mick’s ten years of brand management experience underpin the brands we build with an understanding of the practicalities of an effective solution. From global brand management to strategic development of national brands, he’s a self-confessed brand enthusiast, customer advocate and creative flirt.

“I’ve worked across the full marketing mix for some of the world’s most valuable brands, bringing extensive skills in global brand management and development of 360 marketing campaigns.”
Matt Smith Headshot

Matt Smith Creative Lead

Matt brings a wealth of in-house experience to our clients’ brands. A senior graphic designer with over 20 years of experience, he’s a specialist in rolling-out brands consistently and supporting Tier 1 agencies.

As Head of Design, Matt confidently pushes the boundaries of creative design through ParaStudio. His experience of managing the complete design process from concept to delivery, ensures our clients’ visual identity is always on-point and on-brand.

“I have gained a huge amount of experience working alongside FMCG brands, major high street retailers and disruptive start-ups. I’m particularly passionate about creating new brand identities and unleashing the potential in existing brands.”
John Gregory Headshot

John Gregory Head of Copy

John loves to write with purpose and ownership, that’s what lights him up. A copywriter for over a decade, his experience is varied, from blue-sky brand development and campaign work, to UX focused, SEO’d web copy, working in-agency, in-house and freelance.

Head of Copy, John brings his experience of working with sole-traders, start-ups and multinational corporations to every client project, and every stage of the ParaStudio process.

“I write, but it's more about listening. It's always about finding what's real in every piece of content. Whether you're an individual or a business, you have a 'why' that will make your brand or campaign stand-out. I love helping you find it, feel it, connect with it and own it.”
Matt Ennion Headshot

Matt Ennion Head of Digital

Matt sees the big picture, ensuring our creative concepts transition to multi-platform, practical brand assets. He’s worked on big BTC brands, such as Domino’s Pizza, LEGO and Johnson and Johnson, and he lights-up when collaborating with ambitious people and businesses.

As Head of Digital, Matt leads our digital design offering, keeping our clients’ brands and messaging ahead of the curve and disruptive in an increasingly noisy space. His passion is infectious, and with close to 15 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry, his experience is invaluable.

“I really enjoy the process of crafting brands across channels, seeing how teams become revitalised by their new visual identity and the positive leverage this brings them with their target audiences.”
Rosi Viljoen Headshot

Rosi Viljoen Partnership Director

Rosi’s core principles are ParaStudio through and through. She believes creating a game-changing brand is a truly collaborative effort and that great partnerships are about two things: a deep understanding of the goals and needs of others, and a maniacal attention to detail.

As Account Director, Rosi ensures that the people we aim to light up are at the core of everything we do. Perfectly at home with both established and emerging brands, she brings over 20 years’ experience working with a Global FTSE 100 Company in the Financial Service Sector.

“It’s my job to not only to keep the project, and everyone involved, on brief and on track at every stage of the process, but to ensure we translate your brief into a brand you and your customers absolutely love.”

How we work together

Unlike in a traditional agency, where we’d all work in silo on our own, doing our bit and passing it on to the next stage, at ParaStudio we all work together on your brand.

Right from the start, we bring all of our disciplines to the table to build your powerful identity, it just makes more sense and we know it makes for a stronger brand.

Case Studies

Whether you choose Deploy or Propel, the power of your new brand will come from your people feeling lit-up. You can see this in action in our case studies. They share how our clients’ bespoke branding journeys with us have aligned their teams and enabled success, all from within.

See the brands we’ve crafted and hear from some very lit-up people.

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We bring a lot to the table

ParaStudio has only just deployed. We’re new and only a few clients in, but as individuals we’ve decades of collective experience working in big advertising and branding agencies. So, if big brand work is what impresses you, we’ve got a collection of former clients you’re going to love.


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