Powerful branding backup for your huge potential startup


Who's it aimed at?

Only the ambitious

Propel is for mature startups with a hunger to take on the big boys. You’re already up and running, disrupting your market and now it’s time to unleash your full potential. You need your brand to step-up, power your ambitions and guide your business on the journey ahead. Propel delivers this.


What is it?


Propel is a proven process that partners you with ‘big agency’ experts to deliver the most powerful brand you can be. It’s collaborative and cost-effective branding that gives you complete clarity and control at every stage. Because building a brand should light you up, not tie you up. Propel delivers this.


What do you get?

Big picture

You get everyone aligned to a brand strategy that focuses your combined passion on your shared opportunity.

In actual deliverables, you’ll receive an unmistakable visual identity, including a logo, collateral design elements and colour palette. Accompanying this will be your Tone of Voice and a unique set of values that enable you to cut through the competition.

Put it all together and you’ll have the confidence to engage, inspire and influence audiences through consistency and purpose. Propel delivers this.

Deliverables Text

Strategic insight

A brand with purpose and direction, focused on your market opportunity.

Brand House

A defined purpose, mission, values and characteristics to guide your growth.

Tone of voice

Powering consistent and confident conversations, strengthening relationships.

Visual identity

Supporting your strategy, fueling you with pride and ownership.

Templates/Design assets

Fit-for-purpose templates and designs that showcase your new brand.


How it works

We follow a process.

You bring ambition and we’ll bring expertise, together we’ll start to build your brand through our proven and powerful 5-stage process.

We collaborate.

We’ll nurture and steer you, collaborating closely and levelling the playing field to help you shape a brand with cut-through and direction.

Equipped to succeed.

By the end of Propel you’ll have a brand that empowers your ambitions, a team that’s engaged, and the ability to take on the big boys with confidence.


What does
it cost?


We know telling you the price upfront isn’t what agencies normally do. But that’s the point. Propel is nothing like what other agencies do. It’s a groundbreaking, defined and efficient branding process with no upsells, hidden costs or budget stretches. You go into it knowing what you’ll get out of it, and exactly how much that will cost you.

Complete clarity from start to finish.


Your Call Text

If you’re a business with ambition, we want to help you achieve success. All you have to do to get started is get in touch.

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