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The stages

Our process is all about you. We created it to power your unique plans through the specific branding support you need. Bring our whole team in for a gamechanging rebrand, or access individual expertise as and when you need it. The result is laser-focused expertise and complete clarity on output. The impact is frictionless momentum and maximum impact for your budget.

Discover each stage below and explore the outcomes that will shape your gamechanging brand or campaign.

Unlocking your brand’s potential starts right here. And getting to know you is the first step of our shared journey.

Together, we’ll strip everything back to uncover the passion and vision within your business. We’ll identify your truths, explore them and reveal the building blocks that will define your difference.

Lit up by collaboration, we’ll bring out your personality and the ambition in your people.

With clarity on the insights from within, we head outside the business, mapping the landscape, your customers and your current position.

Informed by the whole picture, your opportunity is identified and we establish a clear brand objective.

Your distinct and value-based positioning will be defined through your purpose, mission and vision, forming the bedrock of your brand equity and fuelling focus and direction.

It’s time for your brand to take a stand. To be guided on its purpose by values that shape how you think and act. They’ll unite your people, strengthen your strategy and take your customer relationships beyond price point.

Tone of voice
True to your purpose and values, we’ll create a tone of voice (TOV) that embodies everything you are. It’s unmistakably you, bringing truth and familiarity to conversations and empowering your brand through consistency.

Visual identity
You’ll feel ownership and pride in a visual identity that perfectly captures your purpose. Your logo will embody your value and you’ll be equipped with a visual suite that can convey your brand with strength, wherever you need to be, uniting everyone through cause and confidence.

Now you have your powerful identity, we’ll help you leverage it. From brand activation to content strategies and employee buy-in, you’ll have all the tools and templates you need to engage cross platform.

Our experience ensures the roll-out of your brand is fully considered. More than a glossy identity, we’ll deliver a brand with substance, that’s practical, consistent and fit for purpose.

Through customer funnel mapping and content strategy, we’ll empower you to build brand awareness that fuels your growth. You’ll have the ability to leverage the purpose and values behind your new identity, supporting the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

With power comes great responsibility. The strength of your brand is in its consistency and meaning. As time passes, both of these must be nurtured. Once your brand is activated, we’ll help you protect its equity and relationships through guardianship and thought leadership.

As your brand powers your growth, we’ll immerse and train your latest ambassadors, while ensuring your personality and values continually inspire your people.

And when markets and landscapes inevitably change, we’ll ensure your brand evolves through flexibility and agility that keeps your purpose strong and your proposition relevant.

Our process in

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Our process is the framework we use to unleash your biggest growth asset, your brand. Discover the game-changing output it’s empowered us to create.

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