Organics by Red Bull – global strategy creative pitch deck

We work with Red Bull across a range of projects, the ORGANICS pitch was a particularly exciting one. Launched in 2018, ORGANICS by Red Bull is a range of canned sodas made with all natural ingredients. Red Bull’s aim was to tap into the burgeoning organic beverages market and offer bars a range of natural drink mixers, whilst also appealing to the growing craft soda tribe.

By early 2022 it was going well, but some territories were growing quicker than others and there was disparity around a collective strategy. This is when the Head of Brand at ORGANICS by Red Bull got in touch. They had an articulation (written in a pile of Word docs) and they needed help crafting it into a pitch that would get global sign-off from the two Red Bull owners. No pressure. And the pitch was in a week. Pass me a multipack.

The brief.

Equip senior department heads with a creative presentation that would secure global sign-off from the two owners on articulations across all territories.

Just a few challenges.

ORGANICS by Red Bull were looking to position themselves and become synonymous with a new territory – owning or redefining the notion of ‘talent’. They looked to fuel the ‘quest to discover, believe in and grow your talent’, and our job was to bring this positioning to life in a way that could be dialled up or down depending on the international market.

We also had to keep the core Red Bull brand in mind at all times. Our creative solution couldn’t have sentiments of talent that were closely associated with the energy drink, such as sports, dancing and extreme activities. In short, it couldn’t compete with Red Bull, but had to sit under the overarching brand.

So we made our client’s life easier.

With just 7 days to create a presentation that would engage, capture and unify the owners, day 1 was spent reading. We read through all the content provided, getting to know the articulation as well as the client does.

Understanding is the foundation of confident output. The word says it all. When we work with department heads needing sign-off or founders seeking investment, we act as if we’ll be in the boardroom. This way, we’re 100% confident in the creative, the content and the pace, knowing that we’re making our client’s life easier when they’re in there doing the pitching.

Within architecture, without competing.

Next came the palette. This would be a one-off silo piece, so we were given a blank canvas, which can lead to all sorts of rabbit holes, but because we’d done the understanding work early on, we knew exactly where to go.

Next was building out the pace of the deck. If you’re putting together a pitch, this is massive. Think of the best dance tunes. You want to hook the audience, build up their anticipation to a big reveal, then leave them feeling uplifted.

Knowing that the founders were time-poor, we went with a very visual solution. It clearly defined the opportunity and demonstrated how roll out could look over different platforms, both physical and digital. Working within the theme of ‘talent’, we centred on art-based disciplines, speaking directly to the audience within the Red Bull architecture, but without competing.

By day X, we’d got there. Our client had a high impact and interactive, yet simple presentation that created real emotional buy-in. It captured their articulation in an engaging way, demonstrating the global opportunity the business had to unify the ORGANICS by Red Bull brand for its next stage of growth.

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The outcome.

Global sign-off. By the end of the pitch.


“The session this morning went smashing and we have full buy-in of our approach and principles – the boss made a few adjustments but really leaned into the principles which was the main focus and did not alter at all. We appreciate your support and hustle.”


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