The Brand.

Prepare to lead people and change in your organisation.

The role of a business and its relationship with its people are changing faster than ever before, and the traditional approach to Organisation Change is no longer fit for purpose.

At Mayvin, we’ve worked with our community to shape a fresh, practical and accessible programme that empowers businesses and professionals to lead change in a complex world. We’re proud to introduce our new Master of Arts in People and Organisation Development.
MA in People and Organisation Development. The transformative Masters for changing times. Bring immediate value to your employer, your career and your life.

• Master the modern approach to change management
• Learn from experienced faculty and guest contributors, including NTL
• Put theory to the test on real-world project work
• Instantly apply your knowledge in your workplace
• Graduate with leadership – level People and Organisation Development expertise

The Brief.

Using the existing brand identity, build a sub-brand for the MA post graduate communications.

What Next?

After 12 interviews, 5 workshops and 8 client presentations, we were armed with the information we required to develop a brand identity that would allign with Mayvins core principles.

Capturing Typography, imagery, colour and graphic assets in our initial concepts.

Route 1.

Vibrant and playful design, reflecting the diversity amongst Mayvin customers.

Route 2.

Following the submission of Route 1, the client requested elements to be split out creating 2 new routes.

For Route 2 we introduced a beautiful serif font. Hero imagery received a duotone effect, allowing development of shapes to seamlessly integrate with the photography.

Route 3.

Route 3 we developed a modern and contemporary style, clean fonts with the Mayvin colour palette dominating. The overlay on the imagery was a reference to ‘transformation’, students developing, revealing, progressing. The plus graphic is a positive reaffirmation.

The client requested we keep the logo, so we developed the mechanic holding the logo into a label style.


The client signed off on Route 3, they loved the more modern and current style and really bought into the development and positivity concept. The brand had been refreshed, developed and was now fit for purpose in future communications from Mayvin. We developed brand guidelines, social media templates, PPT templates, brochures and flyers.


By Dan Cushing

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