Let’s talk about feelings.

And that noise can be distracting and confusing.

It’s a situation I hear a lot from Founders.

As a result it can be hard to stay on track and make informed brand decisions. Especially when “opportunities” present themselves. Some of these “opportunities” will be good for your brand. Some will not. Some will build your brand and help shape it to become the vision of what you wish it to be. Others will be costly and can send Founders down pathways that aren’t for the long term good of their brand.

But how to make such a decision. 

Time is tight, revenue is key and it’s all quite frankly a bit daunting.

We get all that, as we’ve been there, and it’s why we use simple check lists to stay in our lane.

And for us nothing is as effective as Do’s and Don’t’s. Simple to use, they are a great way to stay on track when the confusion may kick in.

They should reflect who you are and what you are all about.

We still use them.  In fact, here are ours:


✅ Champion challenge

✅ Talk straight

✅ Be kind


🚫 Pretend to know

🚫 Take shortcuts

🚫 Chase cool

If you find the “noise” deafening, try capturing your own.

They might help you stay on track, keep things simple and build your brand more confidently.

By Dan Cushing

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