“Jargon keeps it relatable”

Said no one…….ever.

Trouble is there’s a ton of it out there. 
In a world with ever changing platforms, rules and boundaries, we can get bamboozled by it.

And the branding world is no exception.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There are, at the core, 4 simple key components to brand building which are worth you remembering:

👗 Look:

❓How do you dress – does your brand go to the shops in its PJ’s? Or is it strictly top hat and tails?

💡Whatever outfit you decide to choose, make sure your wardrobe is aligned and reflects your brand truths.

💬 Sound:

❓How do you talk – Is your brand Kat Slater or Joanna Lumley?

💡This doesn’t  just come down to what you say, it’s how you say it that will impact who will listen. Your tone should reflect your personality, which in turn, will connect you to your  audience.

🎭 Act:
❓How do you behave – Is your brand all mouth and no trousers? All bark, and no bite?

💡 This is the integrity bit. You may SAY you have certain values but are you ACTing on them? Your audience needs to trust that your brand will follow through on its word.

🤔 Think:

❓How do you arrive – Does your brand know where it’s going? Or has it lost it purpose?

💡 When brand and business objectives are aligned, there is a clear path, a direction. Are yours on the same path and headed in the right direction? This should be at the forefront of your thinking.

Let’s try and keep things simple – its noisy enough out there.

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By Dan Cushing

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