In order to keep it you’ve gotta give it away.

I learnt that in recovery.

Back then everything was polarised and nothing made sense. Now, this mantra is at the absolute core of all I do.

At the agency, we share, give it away and help where we can. No agenda, no motive, just because.

It’s good for me and the team for sure, but it’s also good for business thanks to the compound effect of connection:

When you seek to give away the solution, it keeps you closer to the problem and closer to your audience, especially those at the beginning of the journey.

The result is insight, learning, relevance and a ton of good will.

And trust me, aside from your people, good will is the most powerful asset you’ll never own.

If giving away your time, a process or a piece of research makes you nervous, remember:

👉 Our buckets of knowledge, skills, kindness etc are refillable.  

👉 They thrive and replenish when we empty and share.

👉 They go stale when hoarded and kept to oneself.

Bottom line: Knowledge and skills shouldn’t exclusively be traded for cash. Sometimes a connection is much more valuable.





By Dan Cushing

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