How to waste your branding budget.

🔬 Obsess about the way you look
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it until you hear us – your brand is more than your logo

👣 Follow trends and templates
Use these tools sparingly, but make your own mark, otherwise you will just be another fish in the sea of sameness

🧐 Focus entirely on growth
Driving revenue is important but don’t lose sight of why you exist outside of making money

Or, you could try these flips for size: 

🔬 Obsess about your customer
It’s all about them after all – what they need, how they feel, where you’re gonna take them

👣 Follow your uniqueness
Your purpose serves to set you apart. Own it entirely and it will help defend your brand from opposition and drive revenue

🧐 Focus on building advocates
Don’t just get them through the door, but concentrate on how you behave once they’re there – your advocates will build your brand runway

Obsess, Follow, Focus – may sound like a stalking how-to guide, but if you implement these guidelines from the OFF, you will be in a better position to protect your branding budget.

By Dan Cushing

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