Let’s talk about feelings.

How do your audience feel about your business? 

Not think. Feel.
Instantly, when they hear your name.
When they see your post or product.
Or use your service.
Do they feel something? Anything?
People are more likely to remember a business/person that made them feel something you see.
And when faced with a sea of options, they’re more likely to buy again, recommend you, stick around or invest.
Feelings are gold. Brand is how you create them.
And also how you capture them.
How you build room around your business for relationships. And how you move on from being purely transactional.
Each touch point should be feeling-focused, whether that’s anger, humour, joy or relief.

Try humanising your messaging as much as you can.

It’s easy to get sucked into focusing on what you do, how you look etc, which is important, but the critical path to success is how we make others feel.

By Dan Cushing

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