Front line experience.

It can transform thinking.   It most certainly did for me.

Many moons ago, after spending most of my working life in agencies, I shifted to working client-side.

Once over the culture shock – and myself –  the lessons I learnt on the frontline of that company were priceless.

In fact, they became the core of ParaStudio’s commitment to commercial branding.

The client had gone through a rebrand that had been delivered successfully by another agency.

Our agencies task was to roll it out, and we did a good job, but the same problems were still there.

The internal teams were still struggling, and were:

⚠️ Disconnected
⚠️ Underwhelmed
⚠️ Lacking direction

It was at that stage the penny started dropping.

The brand kit was simply still in its tool box. The parts were all there, but it hadn’t fully “come alive” as it were.

I was in rooms with the heads of Sales, Marketing, Digital, Legal, Procurement, and with absolute clarity I could see that their brand values:

👉 existed only in the presentation room
👉 were failing at activation
👉 remained rooted on the wall

I believed a different approach was possible.

So it sparked a trail of thought:

💡What if you could build a functioning brand from the very beginning?

💡What if brand and business strategies dovetailed straight out the box?

💡 What if all team members felt heard, empowered and lit up from the get-go?

This was my eureka moment and the catalyst for ParaStudio’s commitment to creating commercial branding solutions for scale-ups. 

Those that need support early doors and have a deep rooted commitment to doing things the right way.

And it’s proving to be a great fit.

As a team, we use our combination of learnings (both agency and clientside) to inform our approach.

This is our dedication to getting brand values off the wall and firmly in the game.

I owe that “front line” a drink.

By Dan Cushing

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