Empowering Encore, a growing business, with a brand that will take it to the next level.

Alex Backhouse Strength & Conditioning (ABS&C) was a fitness startup, founded by solopreneur Alex Backhouse. When we were brought in, ABS&C was experiencing impressive success through its differentiated small-group strength and conditioning training offering. Its brand had the homemade look and feel of a pre-seed, our challenge was to update the brand to align with, and support, its growth plans.

Doing the legwork.

We came in and ran the brand audit, and through interviews with the founders, trainers and clients, revealed opinions on the offering and experience. This gave us the truths that would enable us to shape the new articulation and vision, keeping essence and elevating them to the next stage of growth.

Heading outside the business, we looked at ABS&C’s competitors, their offerings, values and USPs. We discovered they weren’t alone in the service or sentiment they offered, but they had the clear opportunity to own the space.

Building the Blueprint.

Bringing all of the insights together, the brand was distilled. The truth of ABS&C’s offering was echoed by staff and clients, there was complete alignment in the accessibility, support and empowerment people experienced. Out of this alignment came a brand positioning that would enable the business to excite and reassure investors, and own a fast-growing market opportunity.

With clarity on the strategy direction, we defined how ABS&C would think, act, sound and look to get there. As well as an overarching mission and values, personality characteristics enabled us to shape a tone of voice that would convey everything the new brand stood for. And a full visual identity elevated the look and feel of the business in line with its growth plans.

Going more granular, we delivered implementation examples for both writing and design work. Finally came brand activation support through content pillars, a strapline and a new name: Encore.

12-month update.

With a new brand and strategy in place, Encore has attracted private investment, gained traction with a new targeted audience and build out its tribe in the community.


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