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Cards on the table, Sopro took a punt on us. It was early days for ParaStudio when they saw potential in the way we do things.

In just four years, Sopro had gone from the vision of its two founders, Ryan and Rob, to a market-leading prospecting business, supporting over 400 clients and bringing in over £50m in new business for them each year.

By the time we met, Sopro was an experienced, established and multi-award winning agency. They had an incredible company culture, they were innovators in their industry and being ethical was in their DNA. But their brand simply didn’t portray any of it. That was our challenge, and Sopro’s opportunity.

To create a powerful brand, you need to work with the people that will give it life. So, the Reveal stage started through workshops and one-to-one interviews at the Sopro head office in Brighton and their operational office in Skopje, Macedonia.

In the ParaStudio way, our Reveal team is our creative team, allowing us to truly understand the business and the experiences of its people. Sopro team members from all departments shared their vision for the brand, the potential they saw, and the challenges faced, both internally and by their customers.

The Challenge

To review, reinvigorate and refresh the Sopro brand identity.

"The Sopro brand lacked identity and clarity, which wasn’t in line with a service that is in fact very defined.

Too much information on the website meant most visitors found it hard to understand what we do, without speaking to us.

The logo was clearly a budget design and long overdue an update to be more in line with the successful and growing business we have become"
Steve Harlow
Commercial Director
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The Strategy

The opportunity for Sopro was clear, and the alignment was electric.

With clarity on their competitors’ offerings and the needs and behaviours of their audience, we identified Sopro’s opportunity. Becoming a purpose-driven brand would set them firmly apart from the crowd, and perfectly align with their approach to business.

With a new brand essence defined and signed-off, an empowering purpose, mission and vision followed. This grounded the emerging brand firmly in the aspirations of the Sopro team from the initial workshops, and the feeling of alignment began to light everyone up.

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The deliverables

Capturing the brand truths and supporting the new strategy.

It was crucial to do the new Sopro brand and the people that powered it justice. With our insight team as our creative team, nothing was lost in translation.

We started by shaping the values that would guide the execution of the new strategy. From these values flowed Sopro’s personality characteristics and their unmistakable tone of voice. As this emerged, our mainline approach saw Sopro’s visual identity developing in coordination – copy and design collaborating to deliver a perfectly harmonised brand identity.

When you know, you know. And we just knew when we penned ‘Sell more’ that it perfectly captured both what Sopro makes possible and who they now were. It’s confident, clear and resonates across their different audiences. More than this, we knew it would power them for the next decade of growth, setting their stall out in no uncertain terms and freeing them to start powerful conversations. Plus it’s a campaign dream. Pen down. Job done.

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With the brand built, the next stage was to ensure the business could activate it.

We empowered colleagues to confidently go to market through practical messaging templates across different platforms, shaped by the brand personality. And we delivered guidance on the use of their new visual identity that enabled teams to engage consistency across all collateral.

Then came the website. The new design brought in the power of the sopro visual identity, guided by the brand values and that powerful strap: ‘sell more’. The content was completely rethought, with a whole new sitemap, new page layouts and benefit-driven calls to action that echoed the confidence, support and efficiency of both the Sopro personality and service. On go-live, the new Sopro felt well and truly launched.

By the end of Enable, the new brand had been successfully rolled out. Colleagues and future contractors were able to confidently pick it up, and as time passed we were able to see how the flexibility built into the tangibles of the brand enabled it move across platforms with power and consistency. It was truly fit for purpose.

"The guys at ParaStudio did an amazing job in revealing and presenting what we all secretly knew was there somewhere at Sopro. We went from a startup to a mid-sized business only in a couple of years and things have changed over time so the new brand managed to capture the new grown-up business we’ve become. With less is more approach, we ended up with much sleeker and more informative website and a well defined set of values we all identify with. We all knew we are a businesses fuelled by its people, and our new brand mirrors this thanks to ParaStudio. I especially enjoyed working with the team throughout the whole 12 month journey and the guys made us discover things we have never seen or thought of.

As a result, we have now a brand I can with great pleasure say feels and looks like Sopro."
Monika Joshevska
Head of Operations and Country Manager
Employee #1


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