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Evridrop needed focus, direction and alignment. We came in to help them Reveal who they are and Validate their opportunity in the marketplace.

Founded by two brothers in 2016, Evridrop started out with a simple mission to stop rainwater going to waste. Very quickly they realised that the rainwater harvesting sector was disjointed and overly technical, seeing an opportunity to deliver a better customer experience for anyone seeking to be more sustainable or save money.

Fast forward five years and the bootstrapped startup had gained some traction, but now faced the challenge of alignment within the team of four directors, and the threat of inertia through a lack of engagement.

The Challenge

Align a team through a brand that provides direction and clarity on value to market.

"We brought ParaStudios in to help us get serious, to equip us with a brand that motivated us to push forward with Evridrop.

As a startup we’re still a side-hustle as we all have day jobs, so we needed belief, alignment and to be lit up by a brand that did our opportunity justice."
Peter Gregory
Co-Founder and Director
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The Strategy

Under one roof

The distillation of the interviews with the directors and the analysis of the competitive landscape made it very clear that Evridrop had a very big opportunity. No other business was offering an end-to-end service for consumers. This would be the space they would seize.

The directors felt alignment with this new customer-service centred direction, bringing their personal values together and creating a more collaborative way forward. In a fragmented market, Evridrop would make being sustainable more easy and accessible, with full accountability.

  • Brand blueprint
  • Core essence
  • Brand house
  • Defining USP
  • Distillation
  • Competitive opportunity
  • Product truth
  • Customer need
  • Values/behaviours

The Purpose

Equipping evridrop with a brand that unlocked individual and business potential.

Bringing all of the Reveal and Validate work together, we furnished evridrop with a brand blueprint. This made clear the key benefit of the business, as well as the brand’s characteristics, empowering the team to feel the value of the service and the confidence of knowing how they all aligned to give the brand its personality.

We summarized their audience, the landscape and attributes, laying out the truth, need and opportunity facing the business in their sector. And we articulated their essence in three words – Under one roof. The work we completed for this high-potential, low-engagement startup brought everything together to help a self-confessed disjointed team seize their opportunity to revolutionise a disjointed marketplace.

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