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Alex Backhouse Strength & Conditioning (ABS&C) was a fitness start-up experiencing impressive success. Our challenge was to update the brand to align with, and support, its growth.

Founded in 2015 by personal trainer Alex Backhouse under his own name, ABS&C brought together Alex’s experience gained through working with some of the world’s greatest coaches.

The focused, small-group strength and conditioning training, led by expert coaches, proved very popular right from the start and in just four years, ABS&C had outgrown its current brand. It needed an identity that enabled the business to both understand and move to the next stage of its growth. That’s where we came in.

Interviews with the leadership team, trainers and, crucially, clients, revealed opinions on the offering and experience on both sides of the barbell. This gave us the truths that would enable us to shape the brand on solid foundations.

Heading outside the business, we looked at ABS&C’s competitors, their offerings, values and USPs. We discovered they weren’t alone in the service or sentiment they offered, but they had the clear opportunity to own the space.

The Challenge

Empower a growing business with a brand that will take it to the next level.

"Working with ParaStudio was an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to finding out what we were truly about before even starting to send ideas our way really stood out. What followed was a distillation of the essence of the brand that was unsettling accurate. When someone describes your business to your more accurately than you could do it yourself, you know you’re in good hands. The whole process from start to finish was just pure professionalism. On-boarding, communication and the periodic delivery of each stage of the process. I can’t recommend them enough"
Alex Backhouse
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The Strategy

Accessible and empowering training that supports you to shape your self.

Bringing all of the Reveal insights together, the brand was distilled. The truth of ABS&C’s offering was echoed by staff and clients, there was complete alignment in the accessibility, support and empowerment people experienced.

Out of this alignment came a brand positioning that would enable the business to grow through its strengths. The helpful, community environment, the honest approach to strength and conditioning training, and the ambition to educate in support of personal wellbeing.

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The deliverables

Capturing the new brand in a name, voice, image and mission.

With clarity on the strategy direction, we defined how ABS&C would think, act, sound and look to get there. As well as an overarching mission and values, personality characteristics enabled us to shape a tone of voice that would convey everything the new brand stood for.

A full visual identity was crafted to embody the truth and power of ABS&C, and going more granular, we delivered implementation examples for both writing and design work. Finally came brand activation support through content pillars, a strapline that empowered in just three words, and last but not least, a new name: Encore.

  • Positioning
  • Tone of voice
  • Logo
  • Strapline
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Iconography
  • Work wear
  • Wall graphics

From the interviews with staff and clients came a clear message that the impact of Encore’s small-group, instructor-led sessions was felt beyond the body. Through the strength and conditioning training and the camaraderie, people were defining themselves and pushing what they were capable of, directly from this came Shape Your Self.

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