Series A and beyond

Big brand expertise for your scaled startup.

You’ve got a healthy customer base and you’re ready to succeed at scale.

Now you need a go-to-market brand to help you attract and retain the best talent, and support more laser-focused marketing campaigns.

Find your voice and own your space:

Attract senior operational talent

By deepening your Brand Blueprint to incorporate your new business vision, we’ll ensure that new talent can clearly see their value and can hit the ground running. Talent turnover is minimized, your investment is safeguarded, and your team, old and new, work in complete harmony.

Level-up your visual identity

As audience expectations rise, your brand identity will require all the tools available to ensure freshness and appeal. Our top strategy-led design team will create a suite of assets that ensure standout and creative options across all platforms.

Brand Guidelines

Now your brand has been rolled-out across platforms, your guidelines can be truly crafted. As your supplier chain broadens so will the amount of hands picking up your brand – ensure consistency and clarity are on-point from the get-go. Inconsistency can dilute brand value, don’t allow that to happen.

Persona profiles. Activation strategies

A scatter-gun approach to marketing can be devastating for your bottom line. We’ll help you run targeted campaigns with a solid grasp of where your audience are hanging out and what is truly motivating them. The result is pin-point accuracy and maximum ROI.


Built out from your unique characteristics and traits, your TOV will differentiate you in the marketplace and enable you to speak with integrity. We’ll empower you with templates that enable you to communicate cross-platform through a single, recognisable brand personality.


“We all knew we were a business fuelled by it’s people – thanks to ParaStudio we now have a brand that reflects this.”

Monika Joshevska
Head of operations – SOPRO

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