Seed seeking series A

Cement your position and build traction.

You’ve got momentum, now it’s time to capitalise on it.

Our brand audit will reveal exactly what you need, then we’ll plug and play our expertise to deliver it. At this stage, it’s about getting everyone aligned and equipping your brand, and its people, with the tools to engage audiences and secure Series A investment.

Get Series A ready:

Brand audit

Every Seed’s needs are different, so through a top-to-bottom brand audit we’ll establish where your brand is ahead of seeking Series A investment. We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses, retaining what’s working well and adding powerful assets and tools to help you secure funding.

Brand blueprint

It’s easy to lose clarity as you grow and gain initial investment – Series A investors see it all the time. We’ll embed ourselves in your team, hosting workshops to ensure synergy between brand and business. From this will come your defining Brand Blueprint, aligning and empowering your people.


Informed by your brand blueprint, we’ll equip you with a set of benefit led statements that talk directly to your customers’ pain points and how you solve their issues.

These statements will form the foundations of all your content, from web to activation campaigns, aiding your sales process lines and giving you the right tools to build your cadences out and allow your new team to move with confidence into the market.


It’s time for your brand to take a stand. We’ll evolve your visual identity to perfectly capture your purpose, including a visual suite that conveys your brand with strength, whatever platform you’re on.

We’ll showcase your brand across all platforms, making your potential tangible and demonstrate how you’ll go to market. Bringing “real life” reassurances for investors.

World class deck design

This is all about doing your idea, hard work and potential justice. Forget templates, our award-winning creative team will design a big-brand level pitch deck to impress and reassure investors. All of which will help you reduce perceived risk and secure gamechanging Series A investment.


“When someone describes and shapes your business to you more accurately that you could do it yourself, you know you’re in good hands”


Get the exact branding support your startup needs.

Building out your Series A brand?