Pre-seed seeking seed

Launch your MVB

(Minimum Viable Brand).

A great brand isn’t an afterthought, it’s part of your journey from the first step.

So, just as you have crafted your MVP, we have crafted an MVB – Minimum Viable Brand. We’ve stripped it back and worked on the premise that if this was our business, what would we need right now, with one eye on the future.

Your MVB toolkit includes:

Investor's deck

This is all about doing your idea justice. Forget templates, our award-winning creative team will design a big-brand pitch deck to impress and reassure investors. All of which will help you reduce perceived risk and secure Seed investment.

Elevator pitch

If you can’t succinctly define why you exist, then investors, consumers and talent won’t see the benefit. Your MVB will include your elevator pitch, so you can articulate with clarity, confidence and conviction who you are, what you do and most importantly – why it matters.

Visual starter-kit

Your logo, colours and fonts all defined and fit for seeking seed. You’ll be able to communicate professionally and consistently, and elevate yourself above other pre-seeds with a starter-kit that forms the beginning of your unique visual brand identity.

“ParaStudio immediately understood where we were on the startup journey – challenging and honing our core nebulous idea. The output reflected our vision, ideal, heart and soul.”


Get the exact branding support your startup needs.

We can help build your MVB.