The early stages of brand building is a bit like learning to play guitar.

You’ve learnt some chords, you’re comfortable with how it feels to be in charge of this instrument, and you’ve learnt your first song – Three Blind Mice.

It’s where beginners begin, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ve got the foundations, you’ve taken your lessons… but there comes a time when your brand needs to evolve from this safe space.

But evolution requires exploration:- rock, blues, pop, classical, country (anything but jazz 😉). In order to develop a style, a voice, you need to find your sound, your rhythm – which can mean – daring to experiment.

Changing your tune and bringing your brand out of its comfort zone takes some action though:

👉 Chop off its tail
Tear up the sheet music, and dare to experiment. What you come up with might sound crap at first, but if you use your base notes to build out from you might surprise yourself. You might also discover something brilliant. Don’t get stuck in a rut just because it feels safe.

👉 Be more Hendrix
Turn the guitar upside down if that’s what it takes. You’ve learnt your chords, you’re building a voice, now go learn some new songs. Better yet, write your own. Not everyone will like it, but that’s OK too.

👉 Find your Unique Sound
Your audience wants to be inspired, they want to feel something. Give them something more than Three Blind Mice, give them Hendrix. Music is emotive, so is brand. There’s a wide spectrum of emotions that Three Blind Mice just won’t hit. Find the right notes, and hit your audience with them.

You can keep playing those same chords over and over, but if you want to evolve your brand be more like Jimi, dare to do something different.

By Dan Cushing

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