Aqueous Digital’s visual identity refresh.

“This was a great collaboration, fuelled by the energy of a client on a mission and really enabled us to prove our versatile and agile model.”

Founded in 2010, Aqueous Digital is a family run digital marketing agency based in Cheshire. Right from the start the husband and wife team set out to do SEO differently, placing trust, loyalty and collaboration at the heart of everything they do. It paid off, funny that.

Since then they’ve hired lots of people, won multiple awards and delivered game changing results for SMEs, becoming a major player in their region. By their 10th anniversary in 2022 they were ready to start their next growth stage and they reached out to us to help them. Needless to say, we were pumped.

The way SEO should be_

The brief.

Elevate the current look and feel of the Aqueous Digital brand and craft a new positioning statement to support the targeting of big ticket clients.

An identity with meaning.

By their own admission, Aqueous Digital’s use of graphics was getting repetitive, which never plays well when courting big business. So we set about creating a graphic suite derived from their logo symbol that gave them versatility and depth with an organic feel. Next, we streamlined the colour palette, making it modern, fresh and harmonised, reducing the core primaries and embodying the trust, honesty and straightforwardness of the brand.

A new photography direction was woven into a narrative held together by all the parts. It captured why someone would search and the moment they’d be experiencing, speaking directly to the customer journey and making the Aqueous Digital service relatable to the customer’s needs.

Past, present and future.

When it came to the messaging suite, the challenge we faced was combining where Aqueous Digital had come from with what it needed to be now, while keeping one eye on the future. We had to capture those family morals and ethics, while also equipping the team with tools that were both fit for now and throughout their growth.

First up, they needed a new positioning statement to guide their ambitions. What they got was more powerful. We crafted a positioning statement that captured what they do and the unique way they do it.

In partnership with this, we delivered a value proposition and a strapline which gave them the ability to leverage their point of differentiation.

Empowered through a new brand identity, we also enabled Aqueous Digital’s people to action it in pursuit of their shared goal. The new look, feel and proposition was woven into more streamlined, high-end and visually engaging marketing and sales collateral. This bridged the gap to rollout through a rebrand that was fit for purpose from day 1.

Building in the buy-in.

Crucially, we brought the new identity and messaging suite together in a brand playbook and guide. Armed with this, Aqueous Digital is now able to show team members old and new how and why to use the brand, encouraging unity of direction and supporting individual and collective growth.


Unanimous sign-off.


Following the success of our first collaboration, we’re now working with Aqueous Digital on how to integrate their brand further, deepening their messaging suite with more tools for multiple customer touch points, and rolling out their new identity through campaigns.

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