About us

So, why did we make this happen?

As individuals and as a tribe, we get passionate when we can help someone achieve something they’ve put their heart and soul into. That’s why we love working with ambitious individuals and energetic founders.

We’re on a mission, too. To create fit for purpose brands equipped with commercially viable deliverables that truly empower our clients.

It’s a mission to do branding right.

Lead by design, the ParaStudio team is made up of a core group of highly experienced branding specialists.

Ready on a plug and play basis, we also have a community of experts across account management, strategy and digital. The result is an agility that matches our clients’ ambition.

Your team

We bring a lot to the table.

We’ve decades of collective experience working in big advertising and branding agencies. So, if big brand work is what impresses you, we’ve got a collection of former clients you’re going to love.


The single most important aspect of any brand are its people.

Let’s get to know each other.