3 years ago my wife bought me a book.

That book proved to be a decisive factor in launching our agency.

It’s called Rare Breed.

Written by two women who, in their 20s, decided to launch a brand agency that would disrupt and challenge the status quo of traditional agencies at the time.

That agency, Motto®, is now a global force, working with some of the most exciting challenger brands on the planet.

Fast forward 3 years, and last week I spent two days at VisionCamp® hosted by those very women – Ashleigh Hansberger and Sunny Bonnell, and what a treat it was.

Supported and facilitated by the incredibly talented Matt Davies the course challenges you to think broader, deeper and wider about not just your vision, but how to deliver it.  To become a visionary.

Collectively they stretched my thinking

I was out of my comfort zone.

And it was tough.

But boy, was it worth it.

Ashleigh Hansberger warned about a “vision hangover”.  

Well, a week later I’m just about resurfacing.

I’ve been consumed with it since, and most tellingly, the team and I have put the learnings straight into practice.

To see those leading the way, and be ringside was a truly great experience.

So a big thank you to all.

Here’s to the book that keeps on giving.

By Dan Cushing

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