3 branding tips for early-stage scale-ups:

1️⃣ No one cares about your logo.

Not at first.

They care about how you’re going to fix their problems.

💡 Don’t fixate on the “pretty” stuff!

2️⃣ Fixate instead on answering this question::

🙋🏼 Why does what you do matter?

Not why you think it’s important, but what’s in it for your customer – how are you benefiting them, how are you different?

💡 Keep distilling this down – get it short, get it snappy, get it so a child can understand

3️⃣ It ain’t about you  

No big surprises here – but just to reiterate, obsess about your audience..

Make their needs your reason for being.

Be considerate, be in their corner, help solve their problems and elevate them forward.

💡 Don’t stop. Make this habit central to your being.

In summary, don’t get caught up in the “pretty” stuff.

It can be distracting and costly.

Instead build your brand out from a place of value.

Do this, and your business (including your logo) will start to stand for something people care about.

By Dan Cushing

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